Time for Luxurious Fragrances

Three ultimate note makes the mesmerizing perfume. First one also known as top note is made up of light modules which quickly evaporate. The middle note also known as heart note exist after the top note. The heart note forms the main body of the perfume.The third and the base note of the perfume is the one that shows depth and solidity of the perfume. These three notes made up from different ingredients forms the perfect perfume. Let’s this season try on some luxurious perfumes. They are magical to smell and stays for a long period of time. Luxurious perfumes gives a royal feeling. Leading perfume brands create some super luxurious perfumes to match up with classic style and taste.

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  • Hugo Boss collection Kashmir patchouli it’s available for both men and women, having Rome aromatic lines and best to be used in the evening.
  • Creed royal Mayfair is for men, having aromatic line of wood best to be used in morning and evening..
  • Dolce and Gabbana and felte vittiver also have a woody aromatic line
  • Marley safand have a floral aromatic line filled with sandalwood, organges.
  • Creed Himalayan for men have Rome aromatic line is filled with grapefruit, lemon, musk etc.
  • F-saint Laurent superior bouquet for women falls under flowers and fruits aromatic line filled with pink peppers, amber, plywood, ylang flowers, bergamot etc.
Try any of the following and many others and feel the luxury of your fragrances.